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In less than five years, La Caravella Restaurants has established the dominant leadership position in the casual dining category and a cult-like following with its customers. Not only has La Caravella enjoyed enthusiastic reception and strong growth throughout its first markets in Al Khobar, Eastern Provence of Saudi Arabia La Caravella has also become an iconic brand.
Since its first store opening in 2008, La Caravella Restaurant has created an exceptionally strong emotional connection with its customers. La Caravella continues to grow additional domestic and international markets in the near future.
La Caravella has an executive team experienced in scaling and rolling out internationally recognized concepts with strong economic returns. We offer a flexible store build out and have experienced success with traditional stores, top social media restaurant brands in Saudi Arabia


















1. Why does la Caravella’s food taste so delicious?
Because of our fresh premium quality ingredients.

2. Is La Caravella’s food healthy?
Due to the fresh healthy Italian cooking methods by using healthy olive oil mainly in our recipes it will guaranty you all the nutrition that olive oil can give.

3. Is La Caravella’s food Monosodium glutamate free?
In La Caravella’s restaurant we make sure not to use Monosodium glutamate in our recipe due to the unhealthy side effects that this ingredient causes to humans health

4. Is La Caravella Good for me?
Anytime you grave for taste of Italy just stop by at one of our restaurants and indulge yourself with our food

5. Why does your fruit juice taste so good?
At La Caravella we have a special wide selection of fresh fruit beverage and smoothies made from fresh fruits

6. Why did La Caravella start offering delivery?
We wanted to give our customers a convenient way to enjoy our Italian food without having to leave the comfort of their home or their office on a busy work day. We include our “Goodness Guarantee” for delivery as well

7. How can I become a La Caravella franchise owner?
Please visit the franchise page on our Web site for all information about La Caravella franchise ownership at www.LaCaravella.com.sa


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